Bravi Leonardo HD’s go Maintenance Free

Bravi Leonardo HD 01Action Equipment’s new stock of the Bravi Leonardo HD low level access platforms have arrived and are now fitted with AGM Maintenance Free batteries to further reduce time spent maintaining the equipment and improve user safety.

Malcolm Pfrunder, the director of Action Equipment and its sister company Action Scaffolds, commented that

” When we started researching alternative battery technologies we found more myth and legend than we did hard facts.  The truth is that in addition to the obvious safety advantages from not checking electrolyte levels –  the superior charging absorption rates and that an AGM battery can be discharged deeper, and be left discharged for a considerable time mean that it is far less prone to damage during its operating life than is a normal lead acid battery.”

He went on to explain that “Operator’s failing to check battery levels daily, operating machines for multiple shifts without charging and/or charging for very short periods during meal breaks then immediately reusing the machine can all cause serious damage to a lead acid battery resulting in a drastically shortened operating life.   AGM’s can withstand that type treatment with little ill-effect and of course there is simply no need to check the battery levels.”

After researching the available options, Action Equipment chose the FullRiver DC85-12 batteries as the replacement for the factory fitted lead-acid Trojan 24TMX.  The FullRiver DC85 matches the amp hour rating of the OEM batteries and is virtually identical to the factory option AGM fitments.

The Leonardo HD apart from being the lightest and most manoeuvrable machine in its class is already very low maintenance.  The addition of the AGM batteries makes it virtually maintenance free – just charge it and then get to work.  So confident are Action Equipment in this technology, they are including the AGM batteries at no extra cost and are offering a three year warranty on the batteries themselves.


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For more information or for sales or rental enquiries CONTACT Action Equipment for your nearest stockist in Australia or New Zealand.




March 14, 2015


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